Pendant Lighting Style Options for The Kitchen Area to Consider

Pendant Lighting Style Options for The Kitchen Area to Consider

When you look for pendant lighting there are simple options and even fancy ones. It includes a light suspended from the above using a rod, chain, or cord. It is a versatile lighting design that complements multiple rooms. Before you go shopping for pendant lights for the kitchen or dining table here are some things you need to be familiar with.

Style options

Besides, materials you will find an extensive assortment of designs. 

  • Downlights – The light is directed downwards and focused on a single area. Small downlight pendant lights are used as a focal point lighting. The smaller the light the more intense it grabs attention to a particular spot. It is great to illuminate the kitchen countertops or desk areas.
  • Uplights – The light is directed upwards and reflects off the shade allowing for naturally dispersing. It illuminates the walls and ceiling. It makes the room look spacious. The brightness is more about ambient than practicality, but with sufficient fixtures, you can create a useful bright space.

Kitchen pendant lighting

Pendants are used in the kitchen a lot. They offer practicality and flexibility. You can change the style and height to enhance tactical lighting suitable for areas where food is prepared. 

The Rectangular Raindrop Crystal Pendant Light or the Rectangular Crystal Chandelier available on Sofary helps to create a subdued atmosphere over the dining table. Choose a dimmer feature to allow for gentle lighting when the ambiance is crucial and intense illumination for food preparation. 

As customers are offered lighting fixtures directly from the manufacturers there is a significant saving of 80%. You can even order a tailored pendant light or chandelier design for your home from this company

Multiple light pendants

Designs like 3D Colorful Glass Fireworks Art Pendant Light use one bulb, whereas there are 2 to 3 Rings Pendant Light Fixtures using multiple LED bulbs. The latter is perfect for rooms having a single opening for hanging lighting fixtures. A large area like the dining room table or a kitchen countertop can be illuminated.

Over the sink

The sink is a heavily used area and homeowners look for practically efficient lighting options along with an amazing look. Single bulb styles are effective, but for a wide sink consider two bulbs for receiving sufficient brightness to gain a balanced look around the area. Hang pendant lights 35” to 40” above the kitchen counter height to keep them clear from splashing water. 

Over Kitchen Island

When you hang pendant light above Kitchen Island, they play the role of task lighting as well as add a focal point to the kitchen décor. With dimmer, you can create an ideal nighttime glow allowing sufficient to see around without getting too stimulated. 

If the person using the kitchen is tall then ensure to place it at an ideal height, to avoid a physical encounter. For long countertops use several pendant lighting fixtures but if there is a single electrical opening then choose a chandelier that is aesthetic and functional.

When you hang pendant lights from the ceiling center ample lighting is provided. You can even space them according to the room length. Make them hang seven inches above the floor for traffic clearance. If you hang it over the dining table ensure that the distance between the tabletop and chandelier is 35” to 40”. The styles and designs, you will come across range from traditional and rustic to modern and contemporary to minimalistic. 


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