The Real Estate Market – What’s Next for Real Estate Markets?

The Real Estate Market – What’s Next for Real Estate Markets?

Some Realtors refuse to deal with “illy” people, or people who think they know what they’re talking about, regardless of whether or not the individual is being downright gullible and/ or on the flip side, uneducated. Many people refer to these types of Realtors as “turd Collectors”. I can say that sincerely, because (as a Realtor who has worked with many “ventureskers” in my time) I have seen the fruits of their careers and also have witnessed what it truly costs when “ill-minded” people become full-time real estate agents.

Unfortunately, these agents typically do not know traditional Real Estate Sales methods, (writing, staging, etc.), will refuse to listen to “the other side”, and since real estate sales is a “people business”, if “people” don’t buy and sell houses, they don’t get paid, which means their families are NOT financially harmed as the agent’s family is financially harmed.

On the surface, it seems like Realtors are the epitome of the educated/ aware, which is not always the case. Recent statistics show that nearly 50% of all real estate agents, brokers, sales associates, and brokers are NOT members of the local MLS (multiple listing service), but because of an unfortunate quirk in the law; as an independent agent who is not affiliated with any particular broker, I AM permitted to state my full or part-time membership status, in the local (and nationwide) MLS, provided it is disclosed and agreed to in writing.

Most people who work “part-time” are automatically not considered skillful farmers and within a very short period, they are forced to leave the business because they simply cannot make enough money in real estate. However, we are sometimes made to believe that these are the most active of the “full-time” agents.

Even so, in the old days (even three or four years ago) and even several years since then, there are enough smart, hardworking, real “full-time” real estate professionals, who are prepared to make a reasonable living, who are dedicated to continued education and taking care of their future, to sure keep up on trends and decisions of South Florida’s real estate market, right? Absolutely.

I have personally witnessed and lived through so many of the adjustments that this market has experienced, and I have seen far too many agents, brokers, and agencies, looking backward as they look forward.

Many agents (not all of them) approach the job as if they are moving a refrigerator because that’s what real estate is all about.

They are out there, working on the buyer or seller, even the clock up, so they can work with people OR they are out doing THEIR job because that’s the important thing, right?

In my opinion, this attitude is the reason why we have so many “part-time” Agents, who when cherry-picking buyers and sellers, get their “way” and make a shoddy or non-worthy living. I have heard numerous stories of agents who have “bought and sold” or converted homes for amounts that are grossly under- aforementioned proportions. AND after I explain that story to the agent, they find me “ugly” because they are so grumpier than usual, I could relate to their plight and their lack of success, all because they believed, or more importantly, SHOULD have believed that they were the Underground (TM)Real Estate Realtors of the world, who controlled their destiny!

As my Benz learned (seasoned real estate professionals love to say, and 550 shows like, The AmStream shifted onto a newfound path, but few ever take that path); “Why to waste time/energy/ money, when the consequences could be significant?” This is true especially when you are a part-time worker or someone who is treated as a temporary part-time employee.

In my very humble opinion, there is NO such thing as a part-time agent, who can earn an above-average income, in real estate, because of their unique talents and abilities. There IS such a thing as a truly exceptional, A tops, A+ – type Real Estate Agent can help you to close a deal concerning condo for sale in sukhumvit area.

The problem with the world of real estate is that there are so many, many avenues and you can never tell whether or not some are getting their “way,” or whether others are simply shoving themselves into the market! There is such a thin line of what is “good enough,” and what is considered ” subscribed to” within the real estate business, that before I battle with the occasional angry agents, “why bother when it’s easy to turn off the switch?”

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