Tree lopping tips

Tree lopping tips

Tree lopping is the landscaping process that involves careful cutting of tree branches to influence the growth of a tree in the desired way. Tree lopping also focuses on removing the parts of the tree that are damaged so that new healthier branches can grow. This is usually a skilled process and not everybody can do it effectively. Tree lopping that is done without care can damage the tree and even make some trees rot. 

For the good health of your trees, you need to know how they are lopped, and here are a few tips that are recommended for effective tree lopping.

How to lop trees effectively

Though tress can be trimmed anytime doing so when they are dormant is best. Most tree lopping Colchester experts will also advise you to do the same,

Focus on removing only branches that are ten centimeters and less in diameter because they leave lesser scars on the tree. Also, it is wiser to trim branches when they are young because young branches are easier to manage. Trimming needs to be done nicely and the cuts should be clean to avoid further injury to other parts of the tree.

Crown pruning techniques involved in tree lopping

The following are some of the most effective tree lopping Colchester techniques that you need to know about.

Crown thinning

When you intend to thin the crown of your trees, you need to get the following guidelines right.

  • Do not remove more than a quarter of your tree crown at once. Removal of more than that should be spread to several years. This is done to reduce damage to the tree.
  • Lateral branches should be kept even during the lopping process and this should be emphasized especially on young growing trees.
  • As you lop the tree, make sure that you prune away the branches that cross or run against each other. 

Crown raising

To keep your tree beautiful as well as clear, always make sure that the crown is well raised. A well-raised crown will add beauty to the landscape a well as provide clearance for people passing under it. This is normally done as the tress grows whereby live branches are maintained on at least two-thirds of the height of the tree. Take care not to remove too many branches near the bottom half of the tree because this may make the tree not develop a strong stem. You will notice that tree lopping Colchester helps keep the trees in Colchester healthy and beautiful.

Tree lopping involves skills and though you may know how to do it, it’s always recommended that you seek the services of an expert. Tree lopping Colchester services are fully available and it’s recommended that you seek them.

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