Tuckpointing Newcastle is Beneficial, Know the Benefits

Tuckpointing Newcastle is Beneficial, Know the Benefits

A chimney and a fireplace always feature a beautiful design, elevating the appeal and value of your home. But the fact is it also needs repair at times. The joints in the masonry chimneys damage in harsh weather. Moisture also is a reason to damage rock masonry when the water enters and the mortar joints weaken. fv is a repair to stop any process of destruction. 

Need for Tuckpointing

Commonly, the bricks last on a chimney for a longer time, but the mortar has a shorter lifespan. It relies on the harsh conditions and excess water that the mortar lasts. The chimney position and the roof layout gets affected depending on how little or how much the water drainage causes the mortar joints erosion. 

Noticing the mortar joints damage, a Newcastle homeowner needs to consider repairing the affected areas with tuckpointing Newcastle. It is a cost-effective solution. If you do not want to go with tuckpointing right now, it means the mortar joints will deteriorate more and the chimney may collapse. If so, the rebuilding of the chimney becomes inevitable and the expense is far greater in comparison to the tuckpointing repairs. 

How is tuckpointing done?

The idea behind tuckpointing Newcastle is to remove the damaged mortar and to replace it with fresh mortar. The basic steps are: 

  • Routing at a uniform depth the old mortar.
  • Filling in the new grooves, the red mortar.
  • Cutting down thin strips of red mortar to form grooves.
  • Match and fill the grooves with mortar color matching the external structure.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

  • The stability and appearance of the chimney give information of the tuckpointing Newcastle completion.
  • Tuckpointing preserves a chimney’s life. It is because the corrosion in the mortar is no more.
  • The structural stability of a chimney is easy to restore.  There is no need to hire highly skilled professionals. A handyman can attempt this masonry to put things right.
  • Tuckpointing prevents water from entering the chimney and so there are not unseen damages such as mildew, mold, or rotting wood. If not, it will damage the wallpaper and ceiling around the chimney, as well.
  • Tuckpointing is an affordable solution than completing rebuilding tearing down the chimney structure. It saves your time and money.
  • The procedure is not lengthy or time-consuming, besides the masonry materials of the chimney are in the original condition.
  • Your home value is improved with the masonry in its top condition.

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