Tips For Installing Hardwood Decking

Tips For Installing Hardwood Decking

A hardwood deck can give a natural and beautiful look to your house. It is a good investment. The hardwood deck will give you the space to relax and enjoy outdoor living. By extending your living space outside you also create more space which makes living convenient. Hardwood is long-lasting and that’s why it’s in high demand. However, if you don’t install it properly then your hardwood deck won’t last long. The decking fitters Mackay can do a good job and you can learn from them. Here are some tips for installing hardwood decking.

Make a plan

You should first make a plan about how you are going to install the hardwood deck. Write down every step in detail, if necessary, so that you don’t miss anything. If you make a plan you won’t make any mistakes while working. Experts like decking fitters Mackay always plan before starting their work.

Maintain the code

You must build a code-compliant frame having the right attachments from the beginning. Otherwise, you might get into trouble in the middle of the project and might have to change things will cost extra money. Like the decking fitters Mackay you need to be well aware of the codes.

Acclimating the boards properly

You need to acclimate the boards properly for the best results. The decks must be adjusted to the new location easily. You should place the board in such a way that moisture doesn’t get in from the ground.

Clean the debris

You must remove the dirt and debris from the board to make it ready for pre-finishing. Otherwise, mold may develop and ruin the board. 

Apply hardwood oil 

After cleaning you must dry the board properly. You should then apply hardwood oil for the final look. The hardwood oil protects the board from harmful UV rays. So, the board lasts longer. The oil also helps to seal out the moisture. 

Make the board look good

You should make sure that screws and other things that you have drilled on the board don’t show from the outside. The fasteners should be hidden to give the board a polished look. 

Decking fitters Mackay have good training on installing hardwood deck. You need to have specialized training to install the deck properly using all the necessary steps. With the right knowledge and skills, you would be able to build the deck nicely.


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