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If you are the type of person who likes to do his own things or is a DIY freak then surely you would have given a thought to DIY tree removal. However, this task is not as easy as it looks and it’s better to hire tree removal Sioux Falls services.

If you are planning to remove your tree yourself then you have to take some precautions. A sincere advice over here is that if a tree is large then DO NOT attempt to cut it yourself and leave the task for the experts. Tree removal can get very dangerous and also result in a loss of property and life if you have never cut a tree yourself. But you can attempt to remove a small tree yourself.

Steps To Follow

The tips listed below can help you in tree removal easily.

  1. First of all, only attempt tree removal if you have some knowledge about trees, their trimming and pruning, their care and planting and cutting.
  2. Also do not remove the tree if the tree is very large. Climbing up a ladder with a chainsaw can be dangerous and also lead to severe injuries. Also, sometimes the tree might fall in your direction and lead to an accidental loss of property and life. So, call an arborist to be on the safe side.
  3. Remove everything in the vicinity of the tree and nearby area. Remove all sorts of infrastructure and people or animals.
  4. Take protective measures and wear protective gear; leather gloves, sturdy leather boots, full sleeved protective suit to protect your hands from insects and small animals and cuts and wounds, goggles to protect your eyes from tree bits and scrapes and a mask.
  5. One important tip here is to start watering the tree around the trunk base so the soil and roots soften around the tree and it can easily be dug out. Do this only if you are removing the tree and not cutting it.
  6. Trim and cut all the small branches from the tree. This step is important as it lessens the weight of the tree and it gets easier to fell the tree.
  7. Make a notch. Evaluate where you want the tree to fall and make a notch in that direction. Make a cut at least 8 inches from the tree base parallel. Then make a V-shaped cut from the middle of the parallel line upwards. Extract the bark from the v-shaped notch.
  8. Tie your tree with a string rope and stretch tightly on both sides and fasten with a big nail on the ground. 
  9. Cut another cut parallel on the other side of the notch.
  10. Move away fast.
  11. Remove the nail from one side.
  12. Pull the rope on the side of the notch and let the tree fall.
  13. Carry it away for replanting and sell it.


Tree cutting is a task which should be best left to tree removal Sioux Falls experts. However, felling a small tree can be easy if followed all the steps and tips.

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