Reasons To Repoint The Brick And Stone Of Your House

Reasons To Repoint The Brick And Stone Of Your House

The foundation of a home is made very strong so that the house stands upright for decades. Bricks and mortars are used to build the house. However, after some years the mortar may start to crack. So, you need to replace that with fresh mortar to maintain the structure. If you leave the cracks as it is, rainwater may seep through and dampen the walls. If you aren’t convinced yet here are some reasons for repointing Sydney house.

Keeping away moisture

Repointing Sydney can keep away moisture, so the house will remain dry all the time. If you don’t repoint This will lead to the growth of molds and mildews which are harmful to the health. Also, the house will eventually start to fall apart as the walls will get damaged by the water. Extreme weather conditions like excessive heat, too much rain, or snow can open up the cracks more, thus letting more water inside. So, whenever you see cracks on the mortar you must repoint the mortars.

Prevents loss of heat

You should check your house for any cracks on the mortar, especially before winter. If there are cracks, heat may escape easily, thus you will feel cold even after switching on the heater. Your utility bills are also increase due to heat loss. Eventually, the accumulated utility bill will be much higher than the amount needed to repoint the mortar. Repointing Sydney will make you feel comfortable at home during winter. 

Prevents collapse

If you notice signs of mortar joints eroding then it’s a sign that the damage is spreading to the other areas including the bricks. This can later cause structural damage and the walls may collapse as well. So, you must hire the repointing Sydney professionals immediately to solve the problem.

Increase property value

Repointing will increase the value of your property. So, you will be able to sell your house at a higher price. The house rent will also be higher for such a house. 

By repointing you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. The structure of your house will remain strong and you won’t have to worry about walls falling over your head. Your ceilings and the walls inside will remain dry, preventing moisture formation. You can reduce your utility bills and lead a comfortable life. So, you must hire repointing professionals right away to fix your problem with the mortar and bricks of your house. 

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