The Benefits of Deer Carts

The Benefits of Deer Carts

Many would argue that it is not too difficult to kill a deer on public land. The issue lies in hauling it. Hauling a deer can be extremely difficult and could even result in you leaving your hunt behind. That is why it is vital to prepare for the aftermath of a successful hunt as it is to plan for the main event, ensuring you have the right gear such as a cart.

Many stories have been told where a hunter has caught the biggest deer of their life, and due to restrictions such as vehicle prohibitions on conservation areas, they were left to either leave their buck or drag it back to their truck. Most even discuss how they nearly had a heart attack.

A simple solution to this problem is investing in a deer cart. The simple device is full of potential for hunting on public lands and easily carrying gear on your hunting trips. When killing a buck, you only need to strap it to the cart and wheel it out of the woods like a basket full of groceries. One can even strap all their gear and weapon of choice to reduce an excess exertion before your hunt.

Pulling a cart through a steep, muddy, or rocky terrain will still carry some difficulty, but not nearly at the magnitude it would have if you were caught without a deer cart. There are even one-wheeled or motorized options that can make difficult terrain even easier. For these reasons, a cart is useful for hiking and camping trips as well, as it will make carrying your gear a breeze. You’ll be left sweat-free and able to enjoy your stroll through the wilderness.

There is always an option of reducing your deer’s weight substantially by field dressing near or at the kill site. You will need to ensure you have a proper field kit with you. Some common items in a field kit include a hatchet, folding shovel, and a small sledgehammer. Still, you are far more likely to have an easier and shorter time spent using a deer cart to carry your load back to your truck.

If you happen to be an avid deer hunter regardless of the season and are looking for the most efficient way to bring your trophy back. Then look into investing in a cart, and you may find with the ease of carrying all your gear and buck, you may be out hunting more than ever before.

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