Precautions for Home Emergencies

Precautions for Home Emergencies

Homes in Weber County undergo unpredictable weather patterns. The county obviously sees the four seasons, just like the rest of the state but there are often storms that are unforeseen emergencies. Before you see your loved Weber home be damaged, here are some precautions you can take to protect your belongings.

It’s important, as a homeowner, to take a thorough inventory of all of your belongings. Why, you may ask? The simplest way to explain it is insurance claims. If your Weber County home were to undergo damage from one of those unexpected storms, you will be able to swiftly provide your insurance company with a current and detailed list of everything you own, making the clean up a lot easier. If your home undergoes serious storm damage, this will allow more than just your home itself to be covered.

Here are some tips for how you can go about creating an inventory list:

– Choose a starting point. It’s overwhelming and intimidating to approach your Weber County home all at once. Break it up into small sections and do a little every day.

– Choose a methodical approach. You may want to start with your most recent purchases, and things you have the most information on.

– Even though you may have a lot of information on a particular item, it’s smart to only go into detail with expensive items. You don’t want to storm your records with unnecessary information, so when taking inventory of things like your clothes “three pairs of jeans” works well enough when facing damage and insurance.

– KEEP RECIEPTS, the paper kind. You want proof of the value of your belongings so that you can get the right amount for storm damage. If you no longer have receipts, look for serial numbers so that you can have the information on hand.

Storm damage can be scary. There is no need for stress, post-storm, to work its way to you. The best thing you can do for yourself after facing home damage is to begin repairs and meet with insurance to see what they can aid you with as quickly as possible. It’s important to emphasize that not everything can be done all at once, just make sure that you do have it done as a precaution. When storm damage happens, be methodical about how you approach the reconstruction and you’ll be sure to do so with as little stress as possible!

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