Perfect Soundproofing Options You Can Opt for Now

Perfect Soundproofing Options You Can Opt for Now

Today we will talk about the dangers of noise pollution and how to choose a window with high acoustic insulation, making a brief mention of the leading experts in noise reduction windows, who have opened experiential showrooms where you can “try” the fixtures with maximum acoustic insulation before purchase, an opportunity to investigate the problems inherent in noise pollution. 

Noise pollution: the dangers

Noise is a problem. Noise pollution is everywhere around us and is dangerous to health : excessive noise negatively affects the body and psyche because it damages hearing, disturbs sleep , increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, causes stress and impairs the immune system. The noise, therefore, represents an important environmental critical level of public health, Suffice it to say that the European Union for the year 2020 has set among its most challenging objectives also that of being able to reduce noise pollution according to the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization. The soundproofing consultants are the best options to hire here.

Sound insulation: how to protect yourself from noise?

In the home, it is important to understand the nature of the noise in order to hypothesize the replacement of fixtures with windows capable of guaranteeing correct acoustic insulation.  The anti-noise windows, for example, are a particular type of frames specifically designed to reduce noise pollution in buildings. In the design of an anti-noise window, it is therefore necessary to correctly evaluate all the variables involved:

  • The installation is not just a window of the best brand on the market to ensure excellent insulation; the quality of excellent materials could be compromised by unsuitable laying and the laying joint could become a dangerous vehicle for the transmission of noise.    
  • The gaskets and frames: must be of good quality, made with suitable materials and innovative technologies.
  • The boxes for roller shutters and curtains: good sound insulation is obtained not only thanks to the insulation of the window but also to that of the relative box, which otherwise could act as a sound box for the noise.
  • The glasses: Because there are different types of glass, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the moment of choice, inquiring about the various features to understand what are the most suitable for our needs.              

Soundproof glass: how to choose the best

The isophonic windows are generally made with double glazing and  special materials  called sound-absorbing or sound-insulating , suitably inserted between two sheets of glass. It is therefore not only the thickness of the glass that contrasts the passage of sound, determining the acoustic insulation of the window, but the contextual use of anti-noise materials. The best performing anti-noise windows are those that combine the two types of materials. As for actual glass, double or triple glass is generally recommended; the choice must take into consideration, in addition to specific needs, also the climatic zone.


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