Air Conditioner and Tips of Servicing

Air Conditioner and Tips of Servicing

Air Conditioner is the most commonly used electrical device for both domestic and commercial purpose. It now comes with new and more upgraded features reducing the severe Air Conditioner Repair issues due tripping of the temperature. Some of the points of air conditioner servicing are mentioned below.

Regular Maintenance and Air Filters Cleaning

Cleaning of dirty or clogged air filters will improve the air flow and the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Cleaning of the air filters and servicing of the air conditioner should be done once a month, as it increases the life of evaporator coil and provides proper cooling. Prevention of debris getting deposited on the evaporator will keep the cooling coil safe.

Keeping the Condenser Unit Clean

Condenser and fan unit are also the important part of air conditioner which must be kept clean and maintained. In all types of air conditioner, the unit is placed outside the home or office. Dust residues and debris remaining on the surface of the unit creates difficulties for the hot air to flow outside which may result into the arising of heat issue in the air conditioner.

Examining the ducts and melting off the ice

Always make sure that your air conditioner ducts are cleaned for the flow of air through the ducts because dirty and clogged duct will block the air flow. Be careful while cleaning the Blades and fins because they are delicate and can break or bend very easily.

Leakage of Water, Gas and Air

During rainy or winter season the outdoor temperature is much cooler than indoor and the air conditioner evaporates less water than usual. The unit starts building up excess of water inside, this problem can be fixed by keeping the condenser unit and its fins clean. Keep a check on the gas or coolant of the air compressor of your air conditioner because empty or leakage in the compressor can cause damage to the air conditioner.


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