Flowers That Thrive In Mountain Climates

Flowers That Thrive In Mountain Climates

Landscaping your yard adds so much to your home. For one, it is a lot more pleasant to be outside. With soft fresh cut grass and the beautiful sight of flowers, you will naturally get more vitamin D and fresh air. Second, it adds curb appeal to your home. Neighbors will admire your yard from their windows. Third, having a beautifully landscaped yard makes your home a prime hosting location. From weddings to birthdays, people will get to enjoy your yard to its full potential. Especially if you live in a place like Utah, a beautifully landscaped yard will match the scenic mountains behind your home. Planting flowers in high altitude climates can be difficult but think about adding these four flowers to your yard.

Consider planting Coral Bells in your front yard. Coral bells are small delicate bell shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors. Coral bells come in the colors coral, red, pink and white. They are small and provide great ground cover meaning they will take up a lot of space. Coral Bells are recommended to be boarders in the yard because of their height. They bloom in late spring and early summertime.

Another beautiful flower to plant in your yard is daylilies. Daylilies bloom from spring to fall and survive with little water. They require maintenance however they thrive in drier dirt. Daylilies are colorful and add a tropical look to your yard.

Hummingbird fuchsia is a good flower if you love to bird watch. Just like the name suggests, the flower attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Hummingbird fuchsia can be used as ground cover or can even be trained to go in between rock structures and in odd corners. Hummingbird Fuchsia is primarily red and orange. This is a great flower to add in areas that feel empty.

Lastly, another beautiful flower that flourishes in mountain climates is the tall garden phlox. The tall garden phlox is similar to hydrangeas in shape but is especially fragrant. Tall garden phlox come in almost any color meaning it will fit in perfectly with your yard’s color scheme. Plant this flower if you are looking to add beauty and sweet smells to your home.

To care and plant for all of these flowers, consider hiring a landscaping company. Seeds are expensive and certain flowers require special care and maintenance. If you are not a gardener or even a beginner, a landscaping company can help plan out the design of the yard to give you the best possible results.

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