Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring are one of the most popular floors covering options among various varieties. Those who want to add a natural and elegant element in the home, prefer to install hardwood floors. Hardwood floors give the aesthetic appeal and classy touch to the decor of the home. Hardwood flooring is highly appreciated by the designers and experts. Wood increases the value of the property, so the hardwood flooring is beneficial in the long term as well. If you have wooden floors installed then your property will be assumed as the expensive one. It is true that the hardwood floors are unique and the best ones, but these floors have some dark sides. Before going to install hardwood flooring you have to know about its good and bad sides. After reading the following advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, you can decide better whether it suits your requirements or not.


Lifelong Investment

Investment on the hardwood floors can be proved as a lifelong investment. The hardwood floors are famous for their toughness and hardness. Unlike the laminate floor, they do not get damaged and this is the reason we see hardwood floors with an absolutely preserved tremendous and wonderful appearance in the old resorts and houses. They remain unfazed if someone accidentally falls any heavy object on them. They can be installed in heavy traffic areas where there is a need for a durable and long-lasting floor as they are good enough to withstand heavy footfall.  They are different materials that are used in the manufacturing of hardwood floors, such as maple, oak and cherry etc. All materials are strong enough to handle the daily traffic.

Cleaning is not a big task

The main advantage of the hardwood flooring is that it requires less maintenance and easy to clean. They do not attract dirt particles due to which these can be cleaned quickly without any hassle. Sweeping and mopping will be enough. If these floors are in busy areas then you can vacuum them once in a week. You can install them in the room of kids and old people because they are resistant to stain and do not cause allergy.


Hardwood flooring is enriched with extremely glorious shades and styles which makes them a versatile and unique flooring option. Hardwood flooring can be easily adapted according to any kind of decor and environment. Due to the versatility, hardwood flooring is fit for classic and complementary settings.

Better for the kids

Many parents prefer to install hardwood flooring in the kid’s rooms. The hardwood floors keep the toxicity level low in the home because they are non-toxic. They also prevent attracting allergens and improve indoor air quality. It is also the perfect option for those people who have babies. Now you can allow your babies to crawl on the floor without the worry of allergies.




They are not water-proof

It is said that water is the worst enemy of hardwood flooring. The hardwood floor is sensitive to moisture and the water damages such floors. At the time of cleaning, certain care is required. Hardwood flooring is not a good choice for the kitchens and bathrooms and if anyone wants to install hardwood flooring in all the areas of the home then he/she has to look for other flooring options for these two rooms.


The prices of hardwood floors are expensive and they do not suit the lifestyle of every person. Although they are available at different prices, not everyone can afford superior quality hardwood flooring whose costs are high.

Do not control noise and hard to sit 

The hardwood floors have nothing to do with the reducing noise in the home. These floors do not absorb sound and it is difficult to sit on such hard floors. First, you have to install hardwood flooring and then you have to spend on the carpets or rugs, which makes this option more expensive.

They are not scratch-proof

Hardwood floors are not scratch-proof and they need much care in this case. The scratches can ruin their appearance and soon you will have to refinish the floor. If you have pets then it will be better not to go with hardwood floors.

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