5 Ways to Create a Striking Front Yard

5 Ways to Create a Striking Front Yard

Are you looking for landscaping designs for your front yard in Utah? Think cheap and do it on your own without employing expensive services, and using just what is available in your area and also creating low-maintenancelandscaping designs.

1. Avoid Boring Shapes for Your Garden

Avoiding boring shapes in landscaping means to go beyond the familiar shapes of rectangle and square gardens. They are too common to be attention-grabbing. Instead, create beds with curves. Adding a shallow scallop by the wall or fence will surely make a huge difference. How about sunken areas? This will work great in combination with raised beds.

2. Build Pathways

Pathways are not only for smooth movement in the yard but also for protecting your grass. It also helps to lead the eyes to the focal points in the setup. Make paths if space allows.

For pathways in your Landscaping in Utah, you can use broken tiles, stone slabs, gravel, sand, or even wooden chips embedded in cement. Cement is quite a versatile material for the beautification of your landscaping.

A path can also be used to entice your guests. You can play with the idea of making a path that seems to lead somewhere, but in fact, it only ends behind a tree.

3. Remember Scents

Make your landscaping not only pleasing to the eye but also to the nose as well, and one great way to do this is to use scented plants.

Scented plants offer different smells all the year through, but be careful with choosing plants that emit intoxicating or very powerful smells.

Jasmine, hyacinth, gardenia, and freesia have a comforting aroma, while daisy, alyssum, and tree of heaven (imported from China) have obnoxious smells.

There are fragrant plants that repel mosquitoes if you think they will be useful for your landscaping and healthy for your family in Utah. Lavender, catnip, and citronella are some examples of plants that keep insects at bay.

4. Lay Down Mulch

Mulch comes with a lot of advantages, with thick-layered mulch able to keep weeds from growing fast. Additionally, mulch is a good friend fighting the heat of summer. When the sun is too hot, it can deprive the roots of plants of water.

Adding mulch to landscaping in Utah can also incorporate a “dark” element, providing contrast to colorful flowers and petals. A bag of mulch costs only a few dollars, so it is a good investment. Buy mulch in large bags for lower expense in the long run. It is also a good idea to buy more than what you think you might need.

5. Add Water to the Landscaping

Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and drippers are great strategies to add to your Utah landscaping. You can also add a birdbath. Place it next to trees for easier access to birds. Some birdbaths come at a small price of $50 or lower. Standing and flowing water is great for birds. Birds will hear the sound of water movement, which will attract them to come and investigate, which means a very cheap way to add entertainment into the entire scenery.

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