Why get your roof commercial roof waterproofed?

Why get your roof commercial roof waterproofed?

We’ve all heard the childhood story of two men, one wise and one foolish who built homes. The wise man of course built his house on a solid foundation, a rock! The foolish man, unlike his counterpart, built his house on a sandy foundation. We of course know the outcome as the rain apparently came down in proverbial cats and dogs and caused the flood waters to rise. The story focuses primarily on what the house was built on, the foundation. Perhaps just as important as your foundation is your roof. Unfortunately there aren’t any nursery rhymes that sing about a solid cover over your head. However, we all know a house, without a structure over your head, really isn’t a home at all.

Even the small water leak has the possibility of causing extensive damage not only to your roof but potentially to other parts of your building as well. The results of a leaky ceiling often include mold, damage to the interior walls, floors, damage to your building structure, and an overall malodorous smell.

Waterproofing your commercial cover also saves energy. Certain waterproofing materials reflect sunlight, reducing the heat exposure to your building which ensures that your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep your building nice and cool. Waterproofing will increase the lifespan of your roof, and is additional protection against routine wear and tear. This reduces the cost of regular maintenance, prevents water leakage and the destruction caused by regular exposure to water.

Why hire a professional to waterproof your commercial roof?

Doing the work yourself is most often a short term fix with long term financial consequences. Those consequences being, missing existing leaks, voiding the warranty on materials purchased. Most roofing materials manufacturers, if not all, will not guarantee the materials if not installed by a professional contractor. Contracting with an established professional company to waterproof saves you money and provides accountability, expertise, better waterproofing materials, faster repairs, and a better overall experience.

We get it, everyone wants to save money and no one wants to spend money when they don’t have to. However, making sure your building is waterproofed right can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars over a repair that was either never repaired in the first place or repaired poorly. Save time and money by doing it right the first time.

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