What is the Bathrooms Glen Iris Remodeling Checklist to Follow?

What is the Bathrooms Glen Iris Remodeling Checklist to Follow?


Remodeling the bathroom, just like kitchen remodeling, can be one of the best ways to add to resale value of any home. Whether it is a small or major bathroom remodeling, it needs to be done in a proper way. Even when you do not have any immediate plan to sell your home in the near future, you can make life easier for yourself and your family members with a remodeled bathroom space. Here is a checklist that Bathrooms Glen Iris remodeling professionals would suggest that you go through. 


Before bathroom remodeling is started, the finished room should be designed first. Many online design software programs and apps are available to help you with the process. Whether you want  a vintage design or a Tuscany theme, you can get it. You may also hire a professional designer, who can work out all the steps needed to complete the project. You would be given many options and samples of materials, fixtures, paint, tiles etc. 


Once your designing is done with, you would like to think of how you plan the remodeling to be done. Important permits should be obtained from your county or city. In case you are hiring contractors, make sure that all the permits are in place prior to the commencement of the Bathrooms Glen Iris project.


Consider whether your project would involve refinishing or moving the walls. In case there is a need to move walls, it has to be the first and foremost step. You might like to move a door or add a new window as part of the Bathrooms Glen Iris remodeling project. It is important to plan with care. 


Some kind of floor work is involved in most bathroom remodeling projects. Changes in plumbing should be done, in case sink, shower, toilet or tub needs to be shifted. New holes have to be drilled into the floor, and new sub floors might have to be added. This has to be possibly done after moving the walls. 


It is better to call a licensed professional to deal with this aspect of Bathrooms Glen Iris remodeling, in case you are not licensed or knowledgeable yourself. Schedule an appointment with a qualified one.


Changes in lighting fixtures are involved in most Bathrooms Glen Iris remodeling projects. It is easy to change a light bulb or two, but that is not the case with adding lighting to some new area of the bathroom. 


This is important to handle after floors and walls are taken care of, and the other aforementioned steps have been taken care of. Themed decorating is what you need to opt for. 


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