Unique Kitchen Decor with Mosaic Medallions

Unique Kitchen Decor with Mosaic Medallions

Searching for something unusual for the new kitchen or renovation? Think about the practical great thing about handcrafted mosaics for any unique touch. Mosaic medallions occur your backsplash, walls, tabletops or floors offer the good thing about one-of-kind handcrafted pieces of art, and also the functionality of wipe-clean surfaces.

Mosaic medallions are available in a multitude of sizes, colours, patterns and motifs, appropriate for nearly every kitchen design from sleek ultra-modern to warm classic designs. Mosaics can be created from a number of material, including marble, slate, glass or mixtures of materials. Naturally, mosaics are comprised of numerous, many bits of these material fashioned into limitless designs and patterns.

Dean Avey of Artisan Mosaics in Toronto highlights that, “Our mosaics are produced from a large number of small hands-cut bits of marble. They’re backed having a sturdy mesh to facilitate transportation and installation.”

Mosaic medallions or marble carpets offer unique flooring options for kitchens and eating areas. Occur porcelain tile or hardwood floors, mosaics produce the sense of rugs during these high traffic areas. Instead of rugs and mats, mosaics afford homeowners easy clean-up and eliminate tripping hazards. Like a hair piece, flooring mosaics will help delimit space in open concept environments.

Mosaic medallions may also be occur table-tops or breakfast bars, on walls as well as in frames as practical, unique types of art for the kitchen and lots of other locations in your home too. Regardless of the application, mosaics will prove to add a little distinction for your decor.

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