Prime Advantages of the Installation of Composite Decking Newcastle

What Are The Advantages Of Composite Decking? | NeoTimber®

Composite decking is a new concept in the field of construction and its usefulness has already earned it huge popularity among local house owners. Composite wood is an alternative to the traditional wood that is obtained by cutting trees. It is also known as engineered wood, as it is prepared by combining wood and plastic with a binding agent. The composite decking Newcastle is highly preferred by many people, due to the several benefits of using capped composite boards.

Resists warping or splintering – The composite boards are capped with polymer coating, which protects the deck against all hostile weather components. This capped composite decking Newcastle is highly resistant to warping, splintering of wood, and fading away of original colors.

Little maintenance needed – Since the composite decking is more durable than traditional ones, it does not need regular sanding, sealing, or staining for increasing its longevity.  A composite deck only needs to be mopped or washed periodically to clean all stains, dust, and dirt particles from its surface.

Resistant to the growth of mold – Due to the presence of protective capping, composite decking Newcastleis safe from the attack of mold and mildew.  As this capping is extended over all the corners of the deck, mold cannot grow anywhere despite the high atmospheric humidity.

Aesthetic look like real wood – The composite boards look as good as the traditional wood, due to the striking similarity in the appearance of both materials. The composite boards display the same patterns of grains and shades, just like teak, mahogany, or other varieties of hardwood. Apart from the monochromatic colors, composite decks can be painted with different shades and designs as per the choice of house owners.

High warranty – The leading manufacturers of composite decking Newcastle offer a warranty of up to 50 years. This warranty includes the staining and fading of colors of the deck so that house owners can expect their decks to be in their original look within this period.

More cost-effective – Though the composite deck is more expensive than traditional wood decks, it lasts much longer than wooden ones. Thus, house owners can save the money needed for the repair or replacement of their decks for a long time. Moreover, they do not need to spend much for the maintenance of these composite decks.

It is much easier to install composite decks compared to traditional wooden ones. The materials used for composite decking Newcastleare 100% recyclable, making it an environment-friendly decision of house owners.

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