How to choose the ideal cabinets for the bedroom?

How to choose the ideal cabinets for the bedroom?

When it comes to essential organization, Wicker Cabinets are seen as furniture whose main feature is functionality. But today, it goes far beyond practicality, bringing together beauty and technology in one place. However, choosing the best model is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account its size, material, function, ease of cleaning, etc.

That’s because cabinets are generally thought of as a fixed point in the décor. Besides, neutral colors help with visual organization and leave everything with a more organized aesthetic, making it easier to find clothes, objects and accessories.

Next, we set up a step-by-step guide that will help you choose the ideal cabinets.

Define everything that will be kept in the cabinet 

Before thinking about the proportions of the cabinet, depth and measurements, make an inventory of everything that will be kept in it. The initiative helps to define the ideal size of the cabinet, as well as which compartments will be used the most.

A person with many social outfits may need a larger clothes rack. On the other hand, the woman with many shoes should dedicate more space to the shoe rack in the cabinet.

Pay attention to the measures

The advisable depth of a cabinet is usually 55 cm. This is when the doors are to be opened. If the option is for sliding doors, the measures can vary between 65 cm to 70 cm. If the room is small, the most suitable are sliding doors, which take up less space and do not interfere with circulation.

Choose the location where the cabinet will be in the room

When thinking where to install the cabinet, choose to leave it concentrated on a bedroom wall (for space utilization). Generally, the most suitable is by the bed. This is because it does not hinder the circulation of its residents. If your room is large, it can be in front, diagonally or even behind the bed.

Think about the dividers and compartments

With the inventory of everything that will be kept in hand, it’s time to think about the ideal partitions and compartments for your cabinet. Long hangers are great for those who have many suits and party dresses. Another alternative is to opt for two compartment hangers. This option is perfect for those who have many pants and coats.

Blouses, underwear, socks and beachwear can easily be stored in drawers. As for shoes, it is best to invest in shelves, but not too deep, so that the visual field is not impaired, thus, it is easier to choose the model of the day.

Define the materials

Mahogany wood is always a great choice when it comes to cabinets since it is synonymous with durability. However, many people choose MDF and MDP because the investment in a wooden cabinet is higher. The choice of these last two materials is also great since they are versatile and can receive different textures and finishes. If the room is small, a great way to enlarge it is to cover the sliding doors of the cabinets with or without a mirror.

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