Find the Perfect Asbestos Options for the Best Choices

Find the Perfect Asbestos Options for the Best Choices

Do you need to dispose of asbestos in your home? Read on for more information about it. The cost varies depending on the surface to be disposed of but above all on the difficulty of the intervention. If the structure being worked on is particularly uncomfortable or difficult to reach, the construction site will last longer and therefore the price will increase. To get an accurate estimate you must contact specialized companies. 

The danger of asbestos

Asbestos has been widely used in construction since the early 1900s. In particular, eternity, there is the combination of asbestos and cement, turned out to be a very resistant material and, therefore, apparently ideal for construction. However, already in the 80s the danger of its powders began to be attested: if breathed, in fact, they represent damage to human health. Only in 1992 was the use of asbestos and its derivatives prohibited. Since then, it is mandatory to assess the state of the buildings and intervene in the event of the presence of asbestos. The European Union has also set itself the goal of total removal from the European territory by 2028. Choosing the local asbestos collection  is important for the proper asbestos removal now.

The importance of a specialized firm

Handling asbestos-based products becomes very difficult and dangerous in the absence of adequate precautions, because the dispersion of their powders can cause damage to human health. For this reason, even if the surfaces on which to intervene are not extensive, it is essential to avoid the “do it yourself” and rely on a company specialized in the disposal of asbestos.. This will first of all proceed with the evaluation of your home, identifying the structures containing asbestos. Subsequently, it will take care of the request to be sent to the competent ASL and will begin to secure the site, according to the regulations in force. This way, the whole surrounding area will be safe. Finally, the company will proceed with the removal of the asbestos and the reclamation of the surrounding areas. The result will be work in complete safety and in compliance with the rules.

In summary, these are the tasks of a specialized firm:

  • carries out an inspection to assess the state of the structure
  • takes care of the necessary documentation
  • choose the most suitable intervention for your situation
  • proceeds with the reclamation and safety of the surrounding areas
  • transports special waste to authorized landfills

Choose companies authorized to dispose of asbestos

In selecting the company to rely on, it is necessary to verify that it is registered in the Register of Environmental Managers. In this list there are different categories of qualifications but those concerning asbestos are two:

  • Category 10 A
  • Category 10 B

The first includes companies that deal with the reclamation and disposal of building materials containing asbestos linked to cement (such as, for example, eternit). The second, on the other hand, carries out interventions on structures composed of other combinations of asbestos, such as insulating layers or pipes.

Registration in the register is linked to the availability of the equipment owned by the company and to the experience gained by the technical manager. You can consult the list on the official website of the register to make sure that the chosen company is registered; this will be the guarantee of a job done well, in compliance with the law and in complete safety.


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