Expert tips to organize your shoes if you have a little space in your room!

Expert tips to organize your shoes if you have a little space in your room!

Anyone who has a lot of shoes and a small house suffers from the following dilemma – lack of space to store shoes. If you’re going through this, you know what we’re talking about. However, leaving your sneakers, sandals or flip-flops in any corner is not the best idea to keep your organization up to date or to preserve your shoes. It’s why we’ve prepared a list with some alternative places so you can keep everything in order without breaking your head.

Under the bed

If you don’t have space to store your shoes, you can use the underside of your bed. That way, they’re not disorganized and remain in plain sight of visitors. Even though they’re not in their deserving place, they’re not unprotected. Just be careful to sweep and wipe the area with a cloth to remove excess dust before putting on your shoes. On the other hand, you can simple buy a minimal shoe cabinet for sale online. It doesn’t take much space, but store shoes and accessories more than your need. Choose according to your budget, space, color, material and requirements.

Door organizer shoe rack

Did you know that there is a shoe rack that is perfect for those who have no more space at home? It is called the door organizer shoe storage. As the name implies, it is glued to the door so that you do not need to reserve an area just for the furniture.

Use fair boxes

Another trick for organizing your shoes is to set aside some fairy boxes to put them all in. If you have space near the shoe rack, you can leave everything in the same area so that the organization is even better. And here’s the tip to give your home decor a boost – bet on customizing the boxes.

Leave the slippers in a basket

If you have a lot of slippers, a space-saving trick is to put them all in a large basket since because of the rubber material they’re made of, they don’t risk spoiling if they stay together and in a horizontal position. This way, you leave the shoe rack just for the other shoes and place the basket in any corner.

Pet bottle can help with tidying

Shoes and slippers can also be stored inside the wardrobe so you can free up space in the shoe rack. To do this, it’s very simple. The tip is to cut the “mouth” of the PET bottles to make a sort of small pot and separate one for each pair of shoes.

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