Different Styles of Carpets

Different Styles of Carpets

Carpeting is a pocket-friendly and easy way to give beauty to the home. If you do not have enough budget to change your old floor then by installing a beautiful carpet you can provide attraction to the floor. Many people love to install hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, and other luxury floorings but they also consider installing carpets over such floors. By installing carpets over such flooring, the elegance of the home will increase. The floor will look more eye-catching. The carpets work well in the playroom, living room, and bedroom, where they offer a warm and cozy feeling to the bare feet.

Carpets are a versatile flooring option. There are different kinds of carpets available. If you are looking for carpets for the kitchen or high-traffic area then you can find such carpets, because there are different carpets that are stain-resistant and water-resistance. In terms of colors, designs, and patterns, carpets offer a wide variety. You can choose any pattern, shade, or design that matches your floor.  The different styles of carpets are as follows.

Styles of Carpets

  • Loop Pile Carpet

A loop pile carpet is a carpet that is made from loops of yarn. Loop pile carpet is ideal for a room in which stylish texture and design are required. This carpet is a perfect choice for the room where there is heavy foot traffic or where there is a need for an extremely durable carpet. Such as the living room, basement, workout room, and dining room. The level of softness of the loop pile carpet is not very high.

  • Level Loop Carpet

A level loop carpet is a carpet that is made from a series of looped yarn. The length of looped yarn is the same that provides a neat and uniform look. This carpet is resistant to catching on sharp objects because this carpet has small loops. It is a stain-resistant carpet that can be installed in the kid’s room as well.

  • Multi-Level Loop Carpet

Multi-level loop carpet is a carpet that is made from various heights of looped yarns. In this carpet, some loops are low and some are high, which offers an unevenly textured finish. A multi-level loop carpet is not a sensible choice for the heavy footfall area. Install this carpet in the area where the foot traffic won’t be too heavy. In such an area, multi-level loop carpet will be in good condition for many years.

  • Sisal Carpet

When it comes to the most popular carpets, sisal carpet is one of them. Sisal carpet is made up of natural material, so it is 100% biodegradable. It is a non-allergic carpet and provides natural insulation. Sisal carpet comes with a long life span.

  • Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpet provides a classy look that works well in both casual and formal settings. This carpet is made from loops that all cut to the same length. Saxony carpet is very luxurious and offers softness to the feet. It is not an ideal carpet for the heavy foot traffic room.

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