5 Color Palette Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

5 Color Palette Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

In home designing, choosing the right color palette is one of the most critical factors that will mark the home’s atmosphere, especially in the kitchen area. Colors affect an area’s overall appearance and send a specific message to the person who sees it. Professional kitchen remodeling Lake Forest choose a combination of two or more colors for the vibe and make the kitchen space appear larger and brighter.

Thinking of a color palette to paint your kitchen? Here are some color palette suggestions for you to consider:

The Modern Farmhouse Style

Open beams, brick walls, wood floorings, and warm hues – the style speaks for itself. But farmhouse kitchens need not be limited to brown hues as other colors can go with it. Some go for the white farmhouse style with a pop of brown and green fixtures or modern contemporary colors.

The Bold and Neutral Colors

If you ever want to go for a neutral color like white, gray, or beige as base colors for your kitchen cabinet Orange, try to integrate it with green, orange, and blue to create a unique pattern to your kitchen design.

The Blue Retro Kitchen

Brimming with retro vibes, this color palette for kitchen design takes us back to 1950-1960, where you find cool shades of blue over kitchen units, walls, and counters; and combined with yellow and pink as accents. But for contemporary kitchen designers of our time, pair it up with wood-colored storage and floorings to make the space look more attractive.

The Red and White Kitchen

White kitchens can sometimes be dull and adding a pop of color like red or colors resembling it stimulates appetite and triggers a desire to eat food. This choice of color palette is ideal for food enthusiasts and gourmet practitioners.

The Mondrian-Style Kitchen

Well, if you can’t make up your mind about a color palette and want different colors together, the Mondrian style is for you. Colors for the kitchen can go together and still create a modern style by picking colors that can harmoniously go together.

Take a peek at the color palettes we tell you about through this infographic.

kitchen color palettes - infographic

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